Music from keygens, cracks, trainers, intros / Музыка из кейгенов, кряков, трэйнеров, заставок


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My programs:

MODlist v0.34 - Create list of tracker modulest & other audio files in folder
Tracker Module plugin for Conduits Pocket Player v1.1 - allows you to play tracker music in Conduits Pocket Player for Windows Mobile Smartphone or PocketPC.
v2mrip - V2M Ripper.
ymrip - YM Ripper.
fc14rip - FC14 Ripper.
sc68rip - SC68 Ripper.
UnNETZ v0.1 - Unpacker for .net executables packed by NETZ. Source code
0 Session Close v0.01 - This program closes Windows' Shared Folders user sessions with zero opened files and devices. It can be useful if you want to use some PC with non-server version of Windows OS (i. e. XP) as a file server based on Shared Folders in network with more than 10 user PCs. Written in FASM, sources included :)
Simple SOXY v0.88 - Simple SOCKS/HTTPS proxy server for Windows
UGdaylog v0.14 - UserGate 4 daily log viewer with ability to sort it by any column. Written in MASM32. Source included. Read the Readme first!

3rd party software:

XMPlay - The best tracker module player IMHO
MODPlug Player and tracker - Another good player & tracker
DC-Bass Source Filter 1.10 - BASS based DirectShow Audio Decoder.
Farbraush V2 plugins - Plugins to play and work with v2m format
sc68 - Atari ST and Amiga music player
New sc68 plugin - New versions of sc68 plugins for WinAmp and VLC
AY/YM Player
Oldsk00l MOD Player - Player + WinAmp plugin. Supports many formats, incl. SM2
AdPlug -AdLib plugin/player
HivelyTracker - Plugins for AHX/THX formats.
Module Indexer v2.0 - An alternative to my MODlist


ChipRip 1.0 - Can rip XM modules from any exe file. By TSRh
Fast Module Extractor - Extracts tracker modules from any file.
PEiD v0.94
PE Tools v1.5, Build 400, Christmas Edition
ShrinkXM - removes unused samples, can fix some problems and reduce size of XM modules.
WinRipper v0.78 - Extracts tracker modules from any file.
XMLITE - it's like ShrinkXM
OllyDbg - Debugger for Win32


FH-MFDL2 - Tracker module formats specs
aifc2wav-5 - Compiled for Win32 version of program, that converts rare AIFF audio files(AIFC IMA4, AIFC SOWT and AIFC SDX2) into WAV PCM. Author's page
WinAmp v5.2x gen_ff.dll FiXer - If your WinAmp 5 with modern skin crashes when you hit playlist button, justcopy this patch to your winamp/plugins folder, launch it, press patch, enjoy!
It will patch some bytes in gen_ff.dll to 909090... (nop, nop, nop... :))

Developer Resources:

MikMod & libmikmod
ModPlug XMMS & libmodplug