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01.11.19: October 2019 MusicPack!!!

29.10.19: Music added:
ADMINCRACK: Daemon Tools keygen, Syncios Data Recovery keygen
Astron: BluffTitler Ultimate 14.x crack, HWMonitor Pro 1.3.x crack, Nitro Pro Enterprise 11.x crack
BAKA!: EngInSite Apache Configurator crack
CLASS: Bionic Commando intro, Dominion Storm Over Gift 3 intro, Halo intro, Sorry! The Game of Sweet Revenge installer
DARKSiDERS: Ashes Of Kanaka intro, Bubble Bobble intro, Highschool Possession Game installer, Royal Heroes intro
DEViANCE: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory intro
DiViNE: Hexplore installer
h4x0r: Call Of Juarez The Cartel 1.0 +7 trainer, Test Drive Unlimited 2 1.055 build 1 +8 trainer
HoG: Rage +12 trainer, This War Of Mine 3.0.2 +6 trainer
JUNLAJUBALAM: Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 x64 crack, Vegas Pro 15.0.0.x x64 crack
KaOs: Assasins Creed III 1.06 installer, INFRA Complete Edition installer
MYTH: No One Lives Forever installer
R2R: Plugin Boutique Scaler 1.8.0 keygen
ReUnion: Hysteria Hospital Emergency Ward +2 trainer
SKiD ROW: Deus Ex Mankind intro, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen launcher, Pinball FX2 launcher, Red Faction Armageddon launcher, Rugby 15 launcher, Yesterday Origins intro
Others: 0x001gff - The Bat 8.x crack, Dilan - Advanced SystemCare Pro 11 crack, foxep - Logo Alintery 3 crack, Go2crack - Freemake All Products keygen, JustFun598 - Need For Speed Most Wanted +4 trainer, k1d04777 - Jagged Alliance Back in Action +9 trainer, KaiFF - Postal 2 5023 +5 trainer, KloneB@DGuY - Sandboxie Memory Leak x86-x64 crack, LiZZZY + LuaCryptoR - Mafia II +11 trainer, MaxTre - Resident Evil 6 +6 trainer, onetap - CS GO crack

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** - this music already was here, just added a new crack/keygen name